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Accurate DHA Analysis, Including Alcohols, Using Rtx®-DHA Columns
  • Individually tested to meet DHA method criteria; guaranteed column-to-column reproducibility.
  • Improved resolution between oxygenates and hydrocarbons for more accurate reporting.
  • Use of hydrogen carrier gas yields 50% faster run times.
Restek’s PLOT Column Family — The Benchmark for Performance!

• Innovative bonding process minimizes particle release.
• More consistent flow means stable retention times.
• Outstanding peak symmetry improves impurity analysis.

Alternative Carrier Gases for ASTM D7213 Simulated Distillation Analysis

Crude oil consists of thousands of di"erent hydrocarbons that span a very wide volatility range. In order to efficiently produce quality finished products, refineries depend on simulated distillation (SimDist) analyses to characterize the composition of their crude feedstock prior to processing.

ASTM Petrochemical Method Chromatography Product Guide
Virtually Particle-Free Rt®-Silica BOND Columns
Rt®-Silica BOND Columns
  • Versatile column ideal for analysis of light hydrocarbons, sulfur gases, halocarbons, and carbon dioxide.
  • Individually QC tested with sensitive C4 probes to ensure consistent selectivity.
  • Proprietary manufacturing process practically eliminates particle release, reducing downtime due to obstructed FID jets.
  • Bonded silica stationary phase minimizes impact of water, resulting in reproducible retention times for water-containing samples.
Rtx®-2887 I MXT®-2887

Restek´s Capillary GC Columns for Simulated Distillation of Petroleum Fractions.

Virtually Particle-Free Rt®-Silica BOND Columns

Provide Reliable PLOT Column Performance
With Less Time Lost for Maintenance
By Amanda Rigdon, Bill Bromps, Tom Vezza, and Jaap de Zeeuw

Analyze ppb Level Sulfur Compounds Using an Rt®-XLSulfur Micropacked GC Column or an Rtx®-1 Thick Film Capillary GC Column

Sulfur compounds in petroleum streams can have detrimental e"ects on the performance and longevity of the catalysts used in
hydrocarbon processing.