Big Pain Assays Aren't a Big Pain with the Raptor™ Biphenyl LC Column

Featured Application: 231 pain management and drugs of abuse compounds in under 10 minutes by LC-MS/MS

Fr, 25. Sep. 2015
ARC-18, Raptor™ Core-Shell HPLC Säule

USLC®: Schnellere Methodenentwicklung durch echte Unterschiede in der Phasenchemie

Fr, 04. Sep. 2015
Sampling with Thermal Desorption Tubes Has Never Been Easier

Restek® offers sampling options for every thermal desorption application, including grab and time-integrated sampling, single-tube pumps, multi-tube sequential samplers, and manual or battery-operated powered units.

Fr, 21. Aug. 2015
Impact of GC Parameters on The Separation V

Part 5: Choice of Column Temperature
In parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 of this series we focused on the selection of stationary phase, column length, ID and the film thickness. Besides the column specific parameters, there are three non-column specific parameters that impact the separation. These are the type of carrier gas, its linear velocity and the temperature of the column. Here we look into the effects of temperature on separations as shown in Figure 1.


Mo, 17. Aug. 2015
Impact of GC Parameters on The Separation IV

Part 4: Choice of Film Thickness

Mo, 17. Aug. 2015
Impact of GC Parameters on The Separation III

Part 3: Choice of Column Length
In Part 1 and 2 of this series we focused on selection of stationary phase, and looked at different applications for using different internal diameter. Capillary columns are also available in different length. Here we look at the third parameter: column length as shown in Figure 1. What is the impact of column length on the separation? If length is changed, what do I have to do to get the results that I anticipate?

Mo, 17. Aug. 2015
Impact of GC Parameters on The Separation II

Part 2: Choice of Column Internal Diameter
In Part 1 of this series we focused on how to select the stationary phase, which is one of the seven important parameters we need to understand (see Figure 1). Once the most interesting stationary phase is selected, the column dimensions must be considered. Here column length, diameter and film thickness are the key parameters. In this article we turn our attention to the column internal diameter and its relevance.


Mo, 17. Aug. 2015
Impact of GC Parameters on The Separation I

Part I: Choice of the Stationary Phase
In this series, we will discuss the impact of different parameters on the actual separation. We will do this by discussing how they impact and then explain the impact by some practical examples. In GC there are seven important parameters that we can choose to get a separation. All parameters have an impact and selection of a certain parameter has an impact on the separation.



Mo, 17. Aug. 2015
Growing analytical solutions for cannabis testing
Mo, 10. Aug. 2015
Restek Releases the First Standard to Contain all Major PAH Interferences
Do, 16. Jul. 2015