Luftüberwachung, Luftprobenahme

Step Up to Rocker and Chemker Vacuum Pumps from Restek

• Quiet, reliable performance
• Oil-free and chemical resistant options
• Perfect for a wide range of applications

Sampling with Thermal Desorption Tubes Has Never Been Easier

Restek® offers sampling options for every thermal desorption application, including grab and time-integrated sampling, single-tube pumps, multi-tube sequential samplers, and manual or battery-operated powered units.

Avoid Resampling Soil Vapors: Confirm Tracer Gas in the Field Using a Leak Detector
High Capacity TO-Clean Canister Cleaning System Improves Lab Efficiency
Restek Ultra-Clean Resin
Rapid Determination of TO-15 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Air
Whole Air Canister Sampling and Preconcentration GC-MS Analysis for pptv Levels of Trimethylsilanol in Semiconductor Cleanroom Air
Increase Productivity With Restek’s Faster GC Method for Analyzing VOCs in Air
Introduce Your Sampling Canisters to Restek ® Air Valve Excellence (RAVE ™ )
Storage Stability of 66 Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Silicon-Lined Air Canisters for 30 Days