GC-MS Analysis of Phthalates: Comparison of GC Stationary Phase Performance

Abstract: Phthalates are ubiquitous in the environment and have attracted attention due to their potential adverse impact on human health. For this reason, detection and separation of phthalates has become a necessity.

Electronic Maintenance Indicators for Gas Filters

Restek’s electronic maintenance indicator is a monitoring device that warns you when planned maintenance for a gas filter is due.

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Der Restek Qualitätsschirm


Luftüberwachung, Luftprobenahme

Step Up to Rocker and Chemker Vacuum Pumps from Restek

• Quiet, reliable performance
• Oil-free and chemical resistant options
• Perfect for a wide range of applications

Sampling with Thermal Desorption Tubes Has Never Been Easier

Restek® offers sampling options for every thermal desorption application, including grab and time-integrated sampling, single-tube pumps, multi-tube sequential samplers, and manual or battery-operated powered units.

Klinik, Forensik, Toxikologie

Growing analytical solutions for cannabis testing
Rxi®-5Sil MS Columns: Assured Performance for Forensic Applications


Analysis of Volatiles for Soil and Water Methods
Fast, Optimized GC Purge-and-Trap Analysis of Volatiles for Soil and Water Methods

Featured Application: Optimized volatiles analysis on an Rtx®-VMS column with Restek® CRMs means better VOC data in less time.

VOCs auf der Rxi®-624Sil MS
  • Optimized analysis allows for 36 runs per 12-hour shift, increasing instrument productivity.
  • Rxi®-624Sil MS column inertness gives sharper peaks and more accurate data.
  • High temperature stability reduces bleed profile, resulting in lower detection limits.

Lebensmittel, Geschmacks- und Geruchsstoffe

Prepare Olive Oil Samples for Pesticide Residue Analysis in Half the Time With a Fraction of the Solvent Using dSPE

Simplify and speed up sample preparation with Resprep® dSPE tubes! Here we show the extraction and cleanup of pesticide residues from olive oil samples—twice as fast as GPC, with only a fraction of the solvent required for conventional SPE.

Fresh Food Safety

Chemie und Petrochemie

Accurate DHA Analysis, Including Alcohols, Using Rtx®-DHA Columns
  • Individually tested to meet DHA method criteria; guaranteed column-to-column reproducibility.
  • Improved resolution between oxygenates and hydrocarbons for more accurate reporting.
  • Use of hydrogen carrier gas yields 50% faster run times.
Restek’s PLOT Column Family — The Benchmark for Performance!

• Innovative bonding process minimizes particle release.
• More consistent flow means stable retention times.
• Outstanding peak symmetry improves impurity analysis.


Rxi®-624Sil MS Columns—Exceptionally Inert, Low Bleed Columns for Volatiles Analysis
Characterizing Cellular Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) Profiles to Identify Bacteria Using Gas Chromatography


Resprep® PPT3 96-Well Plates

Protein and Particulate Removal that´s fast, painless and effective.

Restek’s line of Resprep® sample preparation products has expanded to include new 96-well protein precipitation (PPT) plates. Prepare serum, plasma, and other biological samples using the name you trust for quality, cleanliness, and performance.

Spritzenfilter mit Luer-Lock® Anschluss

Vereinfachen Sie Ihre Probenvorbereitung und schützen Sie Ihre analytische Ausstattung!

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