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QuEChERS Internal Standard Mix for LC-MS/MS Analysis (nicarbazin)

  • Ready to use for QuEChERS extractions—no dilutions necessary.
  • Support for GC and LC with MS, MS/MS, and selective detectors.

Pesticide analysis is fast and simple using QuEChERS methods. Use these cost-effective QuEChERS standards for even greater lab efficiency. Standards are compatible with all major methods, including mini-multiresidue, AOAC, and European procedures. Save time with convenient mixes or make your own blend using our full line of single-component solutions.

Art.-Nr. Kappe Septum Konzentration Konzentration in Lösungsmittel CAS # Konzentration Lösungsmittelcode Volume VE
33261 10 10 μg/mL in acetonitrile, 5 mL/ampul 330-95-0 10 ACN 5 mL Stk. add