A Fast, Simple FET Headspace GC-FID Technique for Determining Residual Solvents in Cannabis Concentrates.

Organo tin compounds are of environmental interest because of their addition to several lists of endocrine disrupters,¹ and the attribution of shellfish growth abnormalities to the use of tributyl tin as a marine antifouling agent.

The enantiomeric ratios of certain chiral compounds found in flavorings can sometimes reveal adulteration. Two chiral indicators in grape flavor are methyl-3-hydroxybutyrate and ethyl-3-hydroxybutyrate.

Choose the best liner for Split injection, Splitless injection, Direct injection, Gas injection or PTV injection.

GCxGC is a powerful multidimensional GC technique that combines two independent separations to accurately analyze highly  complex samples.

Sulfur compounds in petroleum streams can have detrimental e"ects on the performance and longevity of the catalysts used in hydrocarbon processing.

The gas chromatographic (GC) analysis of basic organic compounds (e.g., amines, basic drugs, and azo dyes) is a challenge to the analyst, especially when the compounds are at low concentrations.